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Psych - Shules finale

Rationalizing Shules

I spent the evening Youtubing moments of my other favorite ships in the world, like Harry/Hermione, Pacey/Joey, Clark/Lana and all the other really cute couplings, and I realized that my OTP, Shawn and Juliet, are sorely lacking in really outright 'OMG-MELT' moments. Pacey and Joey have a bajillion, and so do Clark and Lana, and Spike and Buffy, and Angel and Cordelia, and dozens of other couples who have graced our televisions and our lives.

But my favorite couple in the world, detectives Shawn Spencer and Juliet O'Hara, have only an almost kiss (nicknamed the 'Close Talking' bit, from "Bounty Hunters") and a really intense kiss on the cheek (from "An Evening With Mr. Yang") to their name. These are the only examples, aside from the Almost Hand-Holding bit from "Talk Derby To Me", of physical manifestations of their being a ship. Granted, many other ships thrive on almost nothing but fan adoration, but I just want to make a case for why I really love this pairing (and this is something I spend endless hours talking to Mia, Jash, RP and others about).

You first meet adult Shawn engaged in liplock with one of his random girls--a waitress. It is peppered throughout the series that Shawn is an incorrigible flirt and can't really help flirting with every single female he comes across. The thing is, Shawn is really really cute (pictures don't really do him justice, you HAVE to see him act all adorable to get it!) and charming, and is a kind of guy a lot of other females automatically fall for. Therefore, while he likes women, he doesn't really find them particularly challenging.

Enter Juliet O'Hara. Their first meeting, at the diner, is really telling. Shawn sees a girl, sitting at his chair, and she's cute and blonde. When he strikes up a conversation with her, he is clearly amused that she can keep up with his witty banter. This is a guy who respects smarts, being a really smart guy himself, and Jules is as smart as they come. She doesn't fall for his charms at once, being a cop and automatically suspicious, but she admits that he makes her laugh. But his ability to make her laugh doesn't necessarily get him off the hook with her most of the time.

Throughout the series, Juliet and Shawn start working together more and build a trust and a kind of teamwork between them, different from what Shawn shares with Gus and what Juliet shares with Lassiter. She relies on his instinct (or 'psychic ability') and he relies on her to get inside information. He worries about her when she's in dangerous situations, and she looks out for him, being a licensed officer of the law. He gets jealous when she goes out with other guys ("He Loves Me..." and "Gus Walks into a Bank") and she tries to downplay how she feels about him going out with other girls.

It's classic UST on television, but after three seasons, what gives us Shules lovers hope, especially since Shawn is now pursuing a relationship with Abigail? It's the notion that Jules is IT for Shawn.

Shawn has always had females falling at his feet, but he likes challenges. Juliet is the biggest challenge he's had so far when it comes to women. He doesn't really grasp what she's about yet (Shawn: "She's an enigma wrapped in a little blonde riddle"). She's tough and brainy and beautiful. She's a cop who likes girly things. She follows protocol and cracks jokes. She can hang out and get along with Gus, and Henry really respects and likes her (as could be seen from "Lassie Did a Bad Bad Thing" and "Any Given Friday"). She doesn't let Shawn get away with too much, and she calls him out when she thinks he's handling something badly. But at the same time, she believes in him, protects him, and worries about him. She goes along with his little schemes, and yet helps him out when he asks.

And there's the not so simple matter of their amazing chemistry. GOSH. Maybe it's helped out by the fact that James and Maggie are together in real life but their chemistry is just dazzling. They do so well by each other. I mean, yes, this whole cast is amazing together, but when it comes to who works it on the screen together, it's Gus and Shawn and Shawn and Juliet. And with the latter, you always feel a sense of happy frustration because while they like each other, it'll be some time before they get each other because of this whole "Shawn isn't really a psychic" thing between them, as well as various him harboring lots of Daddy and Mommy issues, as well as the thing with him and Mr. Yang now on the table. But as April, the best female Shawn has flirted with on the show, once said, Shawn and Juliet will get there eventually XD

I love my ship because they can make three seasons worth of moments exciting without even a single liplock (with each other, anyway). I love my ship because they complement each other so well. I love my ship because they have such a great foundation of friendship between them. I love my ship because they get each other, and they look out for each other. I love my ship because neither are perfect or flawless, and they both recognize that in each other. I love my ship because they have the right amount of humor and the right amount of angst in their (potential) relationship. And I love my ship because they're so realistic and funny and sweet and SUBTLE. OMJ. You really have to watch the show to get why this is such an amazing couple because every episode contributes to the growth of their relationship. ♥ I can't wait for more, when it comes to them. And this is why they're my OTP of all time. YAY SHULES. <3


The Pacey/Joey is gold XD but I love you anyway.

SHULES is right!
You are so eloquent. I agree totally. Their relationship has been one of my all-time favorite ships since I started watching this show (I can't believe it really was 3 years ago?!). Did you ever watch Gilmore Girls? Luke and Lorelai's relationship reminds me of Shules a bit; not a LOT, but enough that I think that's part of the reason I love Shawn and Juliet's relationship so much.

By the way: did I tell you how much I freaking LOVE this icon?! Because I really do a whole lot. :D
Exactly. And those tender moments they had up until the end of season 4? SO great, but few and far between. They had conversations, but hardly any physical manifestations. *sigh* I miss that show!
Yeah...maybe that's the magic number???
Thanks so much Laura! I'm glad you like them a lot. I love them so much, it's kinda nuts. :) I know! 3 years ago! It's so weird--it doesn't really seem that long. I never saw Gilmore Girls, but I've been wanting to check it out for awhile now. :)

And YAY for you loving the icon. I love it too XD
I (sadly) haven't seen ALL of the first season or two...I only watched sporadically when I was in college. Lack of cable is teh suck and it was hard to find open tvs on Friday nights! Anyway, I have been on a downloading spree, so hopefully I'll be able to see the ones I've missed!

I love me some GG. I really miss it; I can't believe it's been off the air for almost two years!

That was seriously the best moment EVER. I was like :O :O :O the whole time. ^_^
HAHAHA. That is so true. Shawn is such a silly guy around Jules sometimes, especially in Season One, when they aren't really that close yet, but even then you could see the interest :)
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