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Terpsichorean Muse
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me? catriona rhiannon galindez maniego ; cat ; catsky ; catriona ; catcat
scholarly undertakings recent grad: ateneo law school 2012, ateneo professional schools ; ab communication 2008 ; production-slash-media studies track ; school of social sciences ; ateneo de manila university ♥
block A2012; regina iustitiae sorority ; batch10 ; jungle girls ; a2 2008 ; r02 2005 ; amiga ; strainer ; acommer ; tnt ; bxmas faci ; extracurriculars are love ♥
find me: starbucks jungle; aps library ; GER ♥

facticity notwithstanding chocolate bubble floating happily through life ; music queen ; classic movie fan ; history geek ; anglophile ; OC ; aner philosophos ; hopeless romantic ; books and cleverness ; social butterfly ; contagious chatterbox ; reality show junkie ; utter fangirl ; amateur masseuse ; athletically-challenged ; fashion plate ; powerfully sentimental ; frequent multi-tasker ; daydream believer ; expert list-maker ; renaissance woman ; future lawyer ; generous heart ; critical mind ; sharp wit ; unique style

will take the world by storm ♥

aural pleasures queen ; led zeppelin ; the kinks ; the beatles ; csn&y ; the commitments ; buffalo springfield ; the who ; the rolling stones ; chuck berry ; little richard ; inxs ; the yardbirds ; supertramp ; spice girls ; july for kings ; maroon 5 ; blake lewis ; bo bice ; mika ; katy perry ♥
visual delights the commitments ; under the tuscan sun ; rat race ; the little mermaid ; ten thousand bedrooms ; gone with the wind ; singin' in the rain ; citizen kane ; lord of the rings ; harry potter ; pirates of the caribbean ; oscar ; first wives club ♥
random thoughts - the top five places i'd like to go to before i die : athens (the parthenon) ; england (duh) ; ireland (teh prettiness) ; tuscany (the wine and country living) ; new york (broadway and strawberry fields) ♥
- I LOVE TENNIS TO PIECES. Novak Djokovic, Tomas Berdych and Mardy Fish own my heart. ♥
- pet peeves : people talking about you as if you weren't there ; illogical people ; pretentious people ; hypocrites ♥
and everything in between ancient greek and roman history ; counterfactuals ; historical nonfiction ; babysitters club ; anne rice ; philip pullman ; his dark materials triolgy ; pixies ; fairies ; enid blyton ; christmas ; angels ; carols ; pink ; turquoise ; conversations ; laughter ; excellence ♥

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