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Harry Potter - Delusion pwns Canon

From my evil and diabolical twin MIA


Pick your five all-time favourite pieces of fic, the ones which made you laugh or cry or kicked you in the guts, that became your personal canon, that inspired you to offer the author internets and first born sons, and tell us why you loved them. Any fandom, any pairing, any genre - the only requirement is they stood out from the crowd. Also, links or it didn't happen.

1. The Series of Uncertainty by Lori Summers
Fandom: Harry Potter
- If there's a piece of fanfiction I consider the ULTIMATE in fanfiction, it is this wonderful gem. Not only because it is epic and a universe on its own within JK Rowling's Potterverse. Not only because the characterizations are wonderful. Not only because it is hugely hilarious the same way it is immensely tear-inducing. It's because Lori took JK's characters and gave them life beyond Hogwarts, beyond paltry Epilogues and peaceful, mind-numbing lives. In this world, evil does not stop. In this world, Voldemort is a mere footnote in the huge network of villains in this universe. In this world, the characters don't stop being heroes. And of course, they fall in deep, epic, earth-shattering love--and their love makes so much sense. It acknowledges R/Hr and H/G but knows that H/Hr is where it's at. ;)
Ship/s: Harry/Hermione, Draco/Ginny (eventually), Ron/OC (also eventually)
Note: Lori didn't finish this epic piece of fanfiction. However, she DID leave a note about what was supposed to happen. And I completely understand why she had to abandon it. I mean JEEZ. This was a huge undertaking and I'm extremely grateful to her for giving me this world. Because I love it potentially even more than the original series because she used the characters and helped them reach their utmost potential. Thanks for that, Lori ♥

2. Draco Trilogy by Cassandra Claire
Fandom: Harry Potter
- Probably one of the most famous pieces of fanfiction of all time. Certainly anyone in the Potterverse remembers this gem. It certainly doesn't stick to canon--Draco is re-imagined as some sort of anti-hero juxtaposed against Harry. And they're both in love with the same girl. It's hilarious as much as it is angsty. You take a bigger suspension of disbelief when it comes to this piece of fan fiction, but it's all worth it, as can be seen from the legions of fans it has produced and the lore it has surrounding its existence. The fact that only PDF files that are not allowed to be posted online are all that remains of this fic makes it the stuff of legends. But I love it mainly because it takes JK's characters and throws them into the wind, tossing them into even more fantastic situations and having them respond in ways that may or may not make sense--but it's still incredibly readable and addicting. The imagery she produces is wonderful. I love this piece of work so much despite me being unsure of whether my ship ends up together or not but I can't NOT put this here because this changed my view of what fanfiction aims to be--which is a piece of solid entertainment.
Ship/s: Harry/Hermione, Draco/Hermione, a bit of Harry/Draco (bwahaha), some Ron/Hermione, Draco/Ginny
Note: The main reason why this is largely offline now is because Cassie's written a young adult fantasy series called the Mortal Instruments Trilogy that echoes much of the snark and scenarios she is known for in this piece of fiction. If you're interested, this is her work. She now goes by the name of Cassandra Clare. Do buy it! It's fascinating and wonderfully descriptive--just like the Draco Trilogy.

3. Final Sacrifice by Sydney Kyle
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
- Okay, this isn't a particularly SIGNIFICANT piece of fanfiction. For one thing, it's not a real epic. I can read it in fifteen to twenty minutes. Writing-wise, I've probably seen better. So why is this included here? Back when I read a lot of FFVII fanfiction (aside from YYH, it was the first fandom I actively read fic for), the Frank Verderosa Internet series was still a work in progress and the shipping debate was still in its initial stages of heat. There were lots of great fics, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember them. But I remember this one. This was the first fic I read that made me cry. I remember thinking, about that last scene, that I could only aspire to create something as beautiful and as emotion-inducing as that. And I still do.
Ship/s: Tifa/Cloud, some Aeris/Cloud
Note: I can't believe IcyBrian's site is still up! I used to visit that page when I was a teensy little tot looking for fic!

4. Fury Series by dragonnan
Fandom: Psych
- I have the extreme pleasure of calling drag one of my online friends, and she has created a piece of fiction that is so compelling, it's intoxicating. I'm not kidding. The storyline is touchy. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who is squeamish or is uncomfortable with graphic or sensitive situations. And yet it is an extremely real situation that a lot of people encounter. Drag has fleshed out the situation, and handles it in a way that is delicate and realistic. She doesn't gloss over the repercussions; she faces them head-on and deals with the consequences. Did my heart break? Of course. Did my stomach churn? It didn't stop. Did this fic stick to me even months after I've read it? You bet your ass. I was answering a Criminal Law midterm and all I could think about was OMGSHAWNINFURY (I passed, don't worry). I love the Fury series SFM. Bottom line, it's about relationships enduring the worst kind of hell it can go and triumphing in the end. It showed me what whump and fanfics could achieve--it brings out the worst and the best in our beloved characters, and humanizes them in a way not a lot of other fictional devices can.
Ship/s: Shules, much much MUCH later on.
Note: I love you drag. I really really do. -smooches-

5. A Duet is a Song For Two by brightblue
Fandom: Psych
- This fic. Oh GOD, this fic. This is by far, and still is, my favorite Shules fic of all time. The way it was written is still the kind of style I can only hope to achieve--I think of it as the perfect balance between comedy and drama, the lightest touch between humor and angst that is the perfect representation of Shawn/Juliet and Psych in general. Whenever I feel bad, I always read this fic and it instantly cheers me up. Mostly I love it because it represents what LOVE is without saying it in so many words. It taught me about love in the simplest of events, in the smallest of actions. I don't think I can love this fic enough. I really really love it.
Ship/s: Shules
Note: Somewhere out there exists a parallel universe where I did not read this fic. I would never be inspired to write fanfiction for Psych and I never would have joined PF (or TF -snicker-). I never would have encountered Mia (I would just be some random commenter, and we'd be exchanging cautious 'you're great!' and 'thank yous' in the review section) or RP or MY CHUCKMATE JENN or Jash or any of the amazing people I've met in the past few months. And I never would have rediscovered my love for perving it up in the middle of the night, or making icons, or just writing in general. This fic owns my life, and I'm eternally grateful to it!

Life, the Universe and Everything Series by damalur (The Big Bang Theory)


OMJ. I need to post more Psych fic recs then ♥ If you want to wade through it, you can go to Psychfic, but I'll try to post some more recommendations soon. PF is my dream come true.

And I feel like I must warn you about Fury. It's amazing but it's not for everyone. At all. :P
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